Lamia1A source of unique feminine used panties and other wearables for people who love curvy, soft and sweet body shapes. A fun, very intelligent woman who enjoys interaction with guys and girls whose ample sexuality ranges from fluffy to really nasty!

You will experience close contact with a girl whose unique character gives a lot of play and satisfaction.

I sell used panties, worn pantyhose, stockings, socks, and other personal gadgets and prepare personalized sexual videos to fulfill your fantasies.

A bit more…

I’m slim but beautifully curved, with enough flesh to be firmly grabbed onto, specially from the back!
IMG_3246I love workout, hiking, dancing myself to bits, and most of all I love creamy hot sex!

Sex? Sometimes rough, sometimes warm and fluffy, sometimes being dominated, tied up and slapped; sometimes being hugged and cherished, sometimes slow & squeezy, with hours and hours of buildup, sometimes fast and sweaty and panting; sometimes in a threesome, sometimes with the best company of myself.

All depending on the face I fancy to reveal on the given day. I have multiple sexual identities, reflected in a variety of scents that I soak into my wet panties. A sensitive person can tell a lot about who I were on a given day just by sinking your nose into my underwear and immersing yourself in the dance of my juicy aromas.

I speak three languages. I’m very intelligent. I’m a very warm and nice girl. I love being spontaneous and experiencing new things so feel free to e-mail me your requests!

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  • Hal OWeen

    I recently made my first purchase of Lamia’s worn panties, and would recommend her to other lovers of girls’ dirty panties.

    Lamia was charming, witty and efficient to deal with. She teased me with several photos of the panties taken on her phone during the day of wear, and with little revelations of what she was doing. The panties arrived within a few days, and were beautifully packaged in vacuum seal.

    The panties were lovely. The creamy white sweetness I’d seen in the photos had been absorbed into the dark cotton, like the Milky Way in the night sky, for my eager nose and tongue to boldly go and explore! Her scent and taste were sweet and delightful.

    Highly recommended – she is an intelligent, perceptive and conscientious young lady, and delivers what she promises.

  • Mr. R.

    She is worth it.

  • Assexplorer

    It was a true pleasure to be in touch with Lamia, she made sure everything was clear about the purchase practicalities and once that sorted I got to know her delicate, sensual part. It’s intriguing, the two opposite sides that she seems to have. I first made a simple panty order to see how the things would go. The package was really nice and the panty had a delicate scent although the postage took a bit too long to reach Switzerland. I made a bigger order for a few more items, a bra, a pair of panties and shoes. I got them much faster and was really surprised how different the panties were from the first order; the scents were savagely intense and hot! Definitely recommendable.

  • wantstobuy

    I recently bought my first pair of panties from the lovely Lamia. She was a pleasure to correspond with as we set up the purchase. She delivered exactly what I wanted. Her panties were high quality (yes, I do like to receive nice panties), the panties arrived when expected and her panties were packaged in a vacuum sealed plastic beg. Her fragrance was intimate and intoxicating. I was fortunate enough enough to receive her package just as I was leaving the U.S. for a trip to Japan. So, of course, they accompanied me and indeed they made for good company. I will buy again from her and I recommend that anyone reading this do the same.

  • Mr MT

    My experience couldn’t be better.

    I got my first pair not long ago, and already received my second one. It got here fast and vacuum sealed.
    I’m very satisfied.

    What I like the most is the communication which is easy and pleasant, getting to know a bit about the owner I believe makes all the difference.

    I might be going for number 3 soon 😉

  • Alex

    Got no qualms, Lamia is brilliant, seems a happy person that genuinely cares about her customers, I normally go to the gym every night, but went home after work hoping her post was their, wasn’t disappointed, only took 4 days international. 11/10

  • Dave

    I love every moment of my lamia experience from the inquiry to her follow ups.

  • Mr. S

    Lamia is SO beautiful, sophisticated & intelligent! She’s not as innocent as she seems! She’s a naughty girl with a juicy bubblebutt that needs a good spanking! You should see the wet creamy mess she made in these panties! The sweet aroma gives me goosebumps! She gives you WAY more than want you expect & is such a pleasure to deal with! Lamia, I just wish you would do to my face what you did to these poor little panties! yum YUM!!!!!!!

  • knickers lover

    i got my 1st pair of lamia’s dirty knickers this morning and they were delightful,full of her lovely pussy and ass juices.they were a lovely and sexy pair of knickers as well.
    i was very impressed with the way lamia,corresponded with via email,she is one cracker of a sexy girl.she even sent me a quality picture of herself,in my knickers,what a sexy bubble but she has.i will definitely be going back for more.
    so i hightly recommend this delightful sexy babe,for all the dirty knickers punters out their,you wont be dissapointed!!

  • Robert

    Just received my 1st pair and the panties are wonderful and delivered just as promised. I have to say though that what really makes this transaction special is that Lamia has been such a pleasure to do business with, sweet and fun and accommodating all the way.

  • Jack

    As a complete newbie to all this I found Lamia very helpful & a pleasure to deal with. Very professional
    yet sweet & friendly to communicate with. As for her panties,amazing! I can only echo the sentiments
    of the other reviewers.Highly recommended. I can see myself purchasing again.

  • EddieP

    For all you panty loving guys out there like me I can only say Lamia is one sassy, saucy and sexy lady who it has been an absolute pleasure to do business with.

    My panties arrived by next day delivery in a discreet package which itself contained Lamia’s precious panties in a vacuum sealed bag. On opening, Lamia’s pussy scents were as sweet and fragrant as the day she wore them and the aroma took me on a journey to the far east where exotic and flowery perfumes can be found in abundance.

    I also ordered a set of pics which were easy to download and well worth the money. Lamia’s soft white skin is like the pure driven snow and with curves in all the right places she looked like ‘Venus’ the Roman Goddess of love!!!!!

    Perhaps the highest compliment I can pay Lamia is that though this is my first panty purchase from her and having only received the panties yesterday I am already planning my next!!!!!

  • Very Happy Bunny

    LAMIA sent me a really lovely sexy video today. It is just fantastic. She has such a beautiful body & knows how to move it in a very teasing way. I won’t go into details but if you want a great performance she’s got it

  • Jules

    Received a wonderful pair of dirty panties from lamia, very pretty panties that smell divine 🙂 Everything about the experience from buying to receiving the goodies was fantastic.Great packaging and quick delivery, absolutely well worth it for anyone wanting dirty panties.Will be back for more 🙂

  • Pantie Lover

    Received this beautiful treat and was instantly blown away. The beautiful panties were even better than expected and the scent was just heavenly. very pleased with how courteous and gracious this lovely lady was. Will definitely be buying from again!

  • G.L.

    My experience ordering a pair of panties from Lamia was wonderful. The panties were vacuumed sealed to preserve the exotic scent of this beautiful lady. Previously I had a female roommate in college and that is where I developed my panty fetish. The panties I purchased from Lamia were easily the most aromatic panties I’ve had the pleasure of indulging in. The vacuum sealer really preserves the scent so its like smelling them right after she took them off, if you can imagine that. Really funky, in a good way 😉

  • Jules

    Just received my 3rd pair of deliciously dirty panties from the wonderful Lamia. The panties are Vacuume sealed which means her heavenly scent is maintained. Great communication by email, Lamia is a lovely young lady who i think sells the best dirty panties. Cannot help but buy more 🙂

  • First-timer

    Received my first ever used panties from Lamia today. After she sent them It only took 3 business days to arrive (international). The panties were vacuum sealed and came in a very nice envelope. The panties are nice and creamy and the her scent is absolutely intoxicating!

    Lamia is a lovely girl and very professional but also can be enticing and naughty. Communication trough email was easy and fun.

    Buying panties from Lamia was a very positive experience and I’m already planning my next purchase.

  • Ex-first-timer

    Second pair of Lamias lovely panties arrived today. She sent them last Friday so it only took 4 days including the weekend (international). Again the packaging was first class and the panties were vacuum sealed.

    For the second pair I decided to try the two day wear option and the scent was really powerful and intense! The mess she had left in them was more than I could have ever hoped for.

    It’s really easy to recommend Lamia to any lover of used panties. Buying panties from her is an experience you won’t ever forget. Just try it you won’t regret it!

  • Peter Burgess

    Hello you lovely sexy woman. I recently had the pleasure of looking over your pics and was pleasantly astounded by the lenght of your pussy lips. I would love to be sucking on those lips, but will have to settle for your scent through your panties and will deffinately have you wear for an extended time, thanks again.

  • Xcel

    This was my first time purchasing panties from Lamia. Being a reasonably experienced buyer, I was very pleased with Lamia’s professionalism; she is incredibly easy to talk to, considerate, and caring about her customers’ needs.

    I had ordered 2 panties, cummed in, +2 extra days, and a video of each. Not only were the panties the dirtiest I’ve ever seen, but the videos were top-notch as well. The separate perfumed cloth was a nice and unexpected added touch. Highly recommended.

  • S

    While surfing the web I did happen to find
    A passport to ecstasy and peace of mind
    Lamia Salina with grace did agree
    To soil her pink panties and mail them to me

    The day then arrived when I had in my hand
    The ticket to take me to fantasy-land
    Ashamed I am not, I confess unto thee
    A firmness arose in the place whence I pee

    Unwrapping the excellent package with care
    Delightful aromas now sweetened the air
    Revealing the gusset, I’m happy to see
    A day’s worth of wear that did look more like three

    Beginning my journey, I buried my nose
    Inside Miss Salina’s fragrant underclothes
    Like something familiar, yet thrilling and new
    A whiff of her scent and my troubles now flew

    For days I did bask in the essence of she
    Whose pheromones make any man more healthy
    But finally I knew that I simply must
    Devour her cream, which had dried into crust

    The Lady doth tasteth both tangy and sweet
    Her flavor my tongue was quite happy to greet
    Alas, there’s not nearly as much as before
    ‘Tis alright, however — Lamia has more!

  • Aidan

    Bought a video and a g-string from Lamia. The video and panties both arrived very quickly. The video is amazing and so worth it to see her beautiful sexy body and seeing her play with herself in the g-string. The g-string arrived incredibly quickly and it was so well packaged I didn’t think it was what it was until I opened it. It was completely vacuum sealed and therefore trapped in all the lovely aromas which you have to experience for yourself. Lamia is absolutely charming and so easy to talk to. Just emailing her had my heart racing she is so sexy. Lamia is the real deal I’ve purchased from a few other sellers before but Lamia is the best by far. I can tell she is all about making sure her customers are happy. It was so easy the whole process was a dream. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I am definitely going to buy more from her. Thanks very much Lamia 🙂

  • Mister Squirrel

    Very sweet young lady who was a pleasure to deal with. They arrived swiftly, and the vacuum sealing perfectly preserved her delicious aroma. She also made a lovely little video for me.

    Very pleased, and I’ll definitely be back for more 😉

  • 2nd time customer

    Got a second pair of panties from the lovely Lamia. I tell you if there is a heaven it smells like Lamia’s used panties 🙂 It is so exhilarating looking at pictures of the panties in your hand clung to her perfect body and inhaling and tasting her lovely scent and taste. It is a delight to the senses and is an experience I can’t recommend highly enough. Second pair in the space of a few weeks and I absolutely will be back for more. She is so sweet, flirty and fun to talk to. You can’t go wrong with Lamia she is the best without a doubt. Thanks again Lamia 🙂

  • Gary

    As a connoisseur of beautiful woman’s lingerie from around the the world, I can readily say that Lamia is a pleasure to work with. She makes you feel like an appreciated and respected client, and she takes the time to actually”communicate” with you. I have dealt with many ladies on Reddit from North America, but sadly, I have found that many are spoiled kids who are overly full of themselves, and they don’t really appreciate their admirers beyond their wallets. Lamia is clearly an intelligent and ambitious woman who aims to please and she does it very well . Others would do well to emulate her style and approach. She is the type of woman that most men would consider… a dream lover!

  • Sol156

    Lamia is such an amazing person. Even though we just started to get to know each other we talk as if we’ve known each other for a long time. She is really really easy to talk to and I’m happy that I chose her as my first time. If you order from Lamia I promise you won’t regret it. I was skeptical at first but after looking at her pictures it was enough to convince me to PM her to make an order. Delivery took about four days but it was worth the wait. Lamia’s scent is something out of this world. 😉 And I would comeback to make another purchase.

  • J

    Well what can I say , Lamia is a true professional and a pleasure to do business with ! She kept me well informed from start to finish and I couldn’t wait for my package to arrive which it duly did . I couldn’t wait to unwrap and dive into the delicious sweet aroma that exudes from her body. These were by far the best I have received with the best service and everything vacuum packed to keep everything still damp and fresh. I can’t wait to purchase again thanks Lamia x

  • Ubi

    Lamia is so sweet, communication is very good, the panties super messy. I’m just about to go on a second round! Thank you, I’m definitely coming back for more!

  • Ben

    I ordered a pair last month and they are still smelling great. Lamia is amazing and very accommodating. I have ordered from a few different people and she is by far the best. The options and extras she provides is a big plus. Delivery was also quick to the eastern US, within a week. I can’t wait to order my second pair.

  • OwenDo

    I’ve been observing Lamia for a few months now and two weeks ago I finally decided to make a purchase. I decided to buy what I really fancied which was a luxury satin brown pair of thongs with a long wear. I was so pleased with the package when it arrived, professionally sealed, the panties indeed superb quality, but most of all, what was inside drove me insane! Lamia is very professional and pleasant to deal with. I hope the panties will serve me for months. I’ll be back for more! You won’t be disappointed!!!

  • richard

    Hi Lamia
    Wow what a fabulously sexy lady you are !
    I expect you are too busy but wonder if we could discuss you wearing for me
    I look forward to ur reply
    Richard .


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