I’ve been hiding

I've been hiding... into some underground kinky stuff. But oh, I am so definitely still here.

Lamia comes with a SPECIAL item again! Try two different pussies! She left her panties in the changing room!

I had this stroke of luck today. I was already wearing my beautiful turquoise pair for two days (it has a very intense smell as this time of my cycle), and tonight I was modelling with another girl (I just know her name!) with about 20 people drawing us, where we have to stay still for long periods of time.

New Used panties available straight from Ireland

December is here and so is a new batch of panties... and more to come :) Check out the panties section!

Going to a Cosplay Party in a couple of weeks. Gamers, get my panties!

Calling all nerds, Lamia has always something special for you.


Woah, I had unplanned sex with a girl and it was AMAZING.

Heading off for holidays, book party panties

I'm just getting reeady to take a plane and fly away for two big elegant parties til dawn, so the two next weekends are up for grabs, if you are into really wasted party panties! Drop me a line at lamia.

Beautiful, professional packaging

..Just a quick update on what I have sold recently!

Get a lick of Lamia’s feet!

Just uploaded some new items for feet lovers... get a try of my lovely toes and soles! Socks, boots and toe nail clippings available! Check out my foot fetish category!

Taking bookings for Sunday’s festival, fist come first served!

Taking bookings for Sunday's festival! That means good girl Lamia is going to go wild! Loads of jumping around, dancing, sitting on the grass and being in the front line of the crowd! I can take you there with me, my panties will be treated with a lot of heat and hugs with fun people.