My items come vacuum sealed. The most important thing for me is to preserve the panty and juices they way they were as I took them off me, so a vacuum seal is a great option. If you don’t wish to have a return address on the parcel or have some special requests, let me know before placing an order, I will make sure the package is discreet and looks like a normal letter.

Standard prices for:


  • One day wear – preview price
  • Two day wear – +10€
  • Three day wear – +20€
  • Sweaty workout – +10€
  • Cumming in +10€


  • One day wear – preview price
  • Two day wear – +10€
  • Three day wear – +20€
  • Sweaty workout – +10€

Pantyhose and stockings:

  • One day wear – preview price
  • Two day wear – +10€
  • Three day wear – +20€
  • Week wear – 80€
  • Week wear + workout – 90€

Used condoms:

  • 1 used condom – 20€

Perfume scent:

  • 1 sealed fabric strip with my perfume – 5€ (only as an add-on)

Bodily fluids:

  • 1 little baggie of pure pussy juice – 35€
  • 1 little bottle of spit – 35€

Personalised videos (eg. In your soon-to-have panties), faceless

  • 20€ for 5 minutes
  • 40€ for 15 minutes.
  • 80€ for half an hour.
  • 100€ for 45minutes.

Personalised photos

  • 10 photos from my collection – 10€
  • 10 photos made for you – 20€
  • 20 photos – 30€
  • 30 photos – 45

First-person view videos of me having sex (faceless)

  • 80€ for 15 minutes.
  • 160€ for half an hour.


Standard shipping of one pair of panties is free. Other options to be agreed upon between us. Depending on where you live and what you buy, prices may range. I’m not likely to ship to unstable countries.

Forms of payment

  • Skrill
  • Bitcoin (and other coins)
  • Amazon Vouchers (don’t worry, it will state “Amazon” on your credit card) – Please don’t write anything panty-related in the message that comes with the voucher!
  • Etsy gift cards
  • Concert tickets sent to my address
  • BACS for UK
  • PeterMark, Dunnes, Tesco, Marks&Spencer etc. gift cards sent to my address (Ireland) – IKEA cards internationally
  • Cash sent in regular mail.
  • Physical goods

Refund Policy

No refunds. If you’re not satisfied, message me and if I find you reasonable, we’ll figure out the best solution, but it’s totally up to my own moral rules.

Lost Parcel Policy

For non registered post, generally a lost parcel is not my fault and I don’t care. With registered post, if tracking confirms you did not get the parcel, I will send you another item. During my whole panty career it only happened to me twice that a letter was lost – we found a suitable solution and everybody was happy in the end.