Exquisite designer laced boyshorts


The more lace the better. You can’t get more than these.


I can’t stop myself from imagining what my buyers do with my underwear… Because I surely do know what I do with it! And I have a disturbing sensitivity on my big labia so I always feel as the fabrics press against it. I am specially sensitive in the mornings just after waking up and evenings after the adventures of the day are gone. I also love to feel something, even if it’s a fine stripe, between my buttocks.. The old days when I was wearing my g strings for the first time ever… And they seemed uncomfortable… How is that possible? 🙂 And now… my lovely laced shorts. I love lace. The more the better. I think you can’t get more than what you can see on these pics! Superb quality, superb delicate and superb Lamia.